July, 2011 Monthly archive
Shattered nails!

My wonderful nail salon (that is so cheap and does such a good job!) just got the new OPI Shattered polish, so being a nail polish lover I had to try it! Love the silver on black, and apparently there are 6 other ‘shatter’ colours that you can put over any base. Probably a little more of a winter look, but since it was BUCKETING down with rain that day it was perfect! :)

Wednesday tomorrow and I am off to see Transformers 3 hehe, can’t wait! ;)

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Ruffles & friends :)

Here are a few pics from our Saturday night, and my pink skirt with ruffles!! :) So nice to hang out and relax with friends after a bit of a stressful time.. what would we do without weekends!? :)

Also some good news – the sun has finally broken through the haze & clouds! It’s a miracle! This has lifted my mood 500% and am ready to face the week ahead! :)  Happy Monday everyone!

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Murky afternoon by the river

To give you a little idea of the weather in Beijing lately, here are a couple of pics from the river near my house, and the lovely ‘fog’ that has enshrouded this city for at least the last two weeks..

Hope it’s nice and sunny where you are! :)  

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