A day for a picnic

Aarg the internet is incredibly slow at the moment, so wasn’t able to post yesterday! A couple of days ago we headed to Shakespeare Reserve for the afternoon – one of our family’s favourite picnic spots over the years. Although it wasn’t brilliantly sunny, it was still quite warm and we had a lovely afternoon walking along the beach and eating Christmas leftovers!

My outfit was mostly about this leopard skirt and my new bracelet from Wanderlust+Co. Let me know what you think! :)

(Yes I’m a little obsessed with ginger beer, as you can see it featured in a lot of photos.. haha)

White tee: Alexander Wang / Leopard skirt: Zara / Snakeskin sandals: small store in Amsterdam / Bracelet: Wanderlust +Co / Ring: Yves Saint Laurent / Sunnies: Prada / Fedora: stolen borrowed from my brother ;)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

♥B xx


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  1. Patricia Iacob says: December 29, 201122:43

    Great photos. Here on http://www.patriciaiacob.com/2011/12/giveaway/ I have a present for you a Hermes Bracelet Collier de Chien.

  2. Pimenava Yana says: December 30, 201109:45


  3. Punctuation Mark says: December 31, 201101:27

    that is so cute… wishing you an amazing 2012!!!

  4. Alicia Lee says: April 4, 201220:14

    love the combination of the sun glasses and the skit! cute!

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