Hey beautiful people, happy Sunday!

Spent my day up at Nanshan snowboarding, escaping the city for some fresh air – so good to be out in the sunshine! What did you guys get up to?

Just wanted to let you know that I jumped on the Instagram wagon a few weeks ago – if you’re using it you can follow me there: Phoandchips. Leave me a like or a comment so I can check out your snaps and follow you too!

Don’t forget you can also find me on Twitter and Lookbook too – and of course, Bloglovin’! :D

See you Monday!

♥B xx


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  1. fashionablecollections says: January 30, 201206:50

    Love your gold nail polish!


    • Bridg says: January 30, 201210:04

      thanks hun – it’s Chanel’s Peridot from A/W 2011 :) x

  2. Dasha Gold says: January 30, 201214:12

    Looks like you had great weekend darling! Ahh why do weekends pass by so quickly!

    Dasha Gold

    • Bridg says: January 30, 201218:01

      thanks dear, haha tell me about it! :) x

  3. valeria says: January 30, 201214:26

    Thanks for your comment!!! I start following you on Bloglovin ( #46 ) hope you’ll follow back!!!


  4. Lauren & Marika says: January 30, 201216:50

    loveeee your blog! thanks so much for finding me! you have such great style :) xx
    Golden White Décor

  5. hey dearie where can i c ur pic wearing ur orange blazer n gold skull candy headphones...i wana c dat pic urgently plz..if u could mail me d pic at my email will b very helpful :) love u lots says: June 15, 201200:45
    • Bridg says: June 18, 201217:59

      just sent you an email ;) xx

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