On the rocks

Hello lovelies!

My Monday got off to a chilly start – dodging snowflakes on my scooter as I made my way to work! The good thing about riding a scooter in the freezing winter – rather than jumping in a cosy taxi - is I’m always alert and wide awake by the time I reach the office, haha.

Here is today’s Look for you – featuring this H&M hoodie and gray boots that were a present from my brother almost 6 years ago. Call me sentimental, but as a present from my brother they are probably the item I’ve had in my wardrobe the longest! I love them – and they’ve served me well. I’m a big fan of casual dressing and hoodies, but to dress up this look a little I added the striped jacket and gold jewellery. What do you think?





Jacket: Zara / Hoodie: H&M / Jeans, clutch: Zara / Boots: Overland / Sunglasses: Gucci / Watch: Michael Kors / Necklaces: Wanderlust+Co, Dogeared / Rings: Forever21, markets

Thanks for reading guys! Please feel free to leave a comment or hype me on Lookbook – your feedback and support means a lot!

♥B xx


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  1. Zizi says: January 30, 201218:24

    You look great girl!

    Follow me: http://www.zizistyling.blogspot.com

    • Bridg says: January 30, 201221:05

      thanks so much hun! x

  2. Estherina's World says: January 30, 201220:13

    Super cute outfit!

    Step into Estherina’s World

    • Bridg says: January 30, 201221:04

      thanks dear! :)

  3. Miska says: January 30, 201222:24

    So lovely pictures :) ))
    love your blog so much, following you now :)

    • Bridg says: January 31, 201214:49

      hey thanks hun, that’s so sweet! you’ve made my day :) xx

  4. fashionablecollections says: January 30, 201222:28

    Love that jacket and how you dressed it down with the sweatshirt!


  5. Kelly says: January 30, 201223:38

    Love hoodies and sweatshirts too! I should take some style tips and dress them up from you! I love it! :)

    <3 Kelly

  6. FAKE EMPIRE says: January 31, 201205:03

    Those are beyond words awesome, I love the light greay color and how tall they are.


    • Bridg says: January 31, 201214:48

      aw thanks for the lovely comment! i love the colour too ;)

  7. Fydez says: January 31, 201209:40

    Very nice! I like your jacket and sunglasses. xx

    • Bridg says: January 31, 201214:44

      thanks dear, much appreciated! xx

  8. cathy says: January 31, 201210:52

    Aweesome blog!!! llove it!! Thanks for coment in mine! :)


    • Bridg says: January 31, 201214:45

      hey thanks cathy! and you’re welcome hehe ;)

  9. Sarah says: January 31, 201211:39

    Love the outfit, the way you paired the jacket + the sweatshirt looks fabulous! Great blog! :)

    • Bridg says: January 31, 201214:43

      thanks hun! you’re very sweet! :) x

  10. lyrica onyrica says: January 31, 201217:10

    Thanks for the comment, sweet, love the pictures and the outfit, nice accessories too, kisses!

    • Bridg says: January 31, 201219:17

      thanks hun – and you’re welcome ;) xx

  11. Eve says: January 31, 201217:30

    Love the watch and the wallet !!

    • Bridg says: January 31, 201219:17

      thanks Eve! <3

  12. Donna says: January 31, 201219:41

    Stunning! I love the 5th photo haha :)


    • Bridg says: January 31, 201219:47

      haha thanks hun ;) xx

  13. Vivalahighstreet says: February 2, 201220:44

    your watch is too die for:) very nice:)

    • Bridg says: February 3, 201211:31

      thanks so much hun :)

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