Summer photoshoot fun!

Darling readers, please forgive me!

I have been terrible with posting recently as things have been so hectic since arriving in London. Living out of a suitcase, moving around the city while I try to find an apartment, and dashing off to interviews – I’ve hardly had anytime to take photos, let alone blog or even read my favourite blogs! Being in London is amazing though – this city has a real buzz about it, and I love how cosmopolitan it is! You can meet people from all over the world here, and there is always so much going on. Oh, and did I mention I ran into one of my favourite bloggers in Mango on Tuesday?! :D When I’m a bit more settled I promise to start sharing more of it all with you!

In the meantime, I wanted to show you the results of a ‘summer’ themed photoshoot we did during my last week in Beijing. It was another fun collaboration with Adriana Lica, and one of my lovely friends and a super talented makeup artist, Grace Ma. Grace is part of the MeiLi Style team (check out my post on MeiLi here, if you haven’t already!) and is such a sweetheart! Which shot do you like best?

Thanks for reading guys, and hope you all have a great weekend! Wish me luck with my flat hunting.. ;)

♥B xx


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  1. Emma says: April 13, 201218:41

    U r so pretty, they r all gorgeous.. But if i hav to choose id say the last one..
    Good luck hope u find smtg soon! Xoxo

    • Bridg says: April 15, 201217:53

      Thanks Emma, me too! And agree – I think the last is my fav too ;) x

  2. JeannieRichard says: April 13, 201219:53

    We say the last shot as well – brings out your features and mood enduringly beautiful.
    May you find a good environment to live in, a place that will inspire you and keep you safe throughout your stay in UK! XO ~ JR

    • Bridg says: April 15, 201217:53

      Thanks so much, that’s so sweet! :) xx

  3. Iliyana says: April 13, 201219:54
  4. Patrice says: April 14, 201204:22

    Awesome. Can’t wait for summer!

    • Bridg says: April 15, 201217:56

      Haha me too – London’s taking a while to warm up! Bring on the heat and summer colours! :) x

  5. S says: April 14, 201207:57

    these photos are amazing! what the makeup artist did is truly art. the pink hair is so fun!


    • Bridg says: April 15, 201217:54

      I know right – Grace is a real artist! :D x

  6. Christine Kim says: April 14, 201209:38

    Amazing photo’s! That looked like so much fun!

    • Bridg says: April 15, 201217:54

      Thanks love, hehe yep it was a lot of fun ;) x

  7. apolline says: April 14, 201219:44
  8. KONANA says: April 14, 201221:29

    Amazing photos! Especially the second one.

    • Bridg says: April 15, 201217:52

      thanks so much lovely ladies! :) xx

  9. Carly says: April 28, 201216:43

    I love the last shot – it’s beautiful and your eye colour just stands out so nicely. It’s the most emotive shot, for me. Great work!

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