Hey lovelies!

How was your Saturday? We spent the day dodging rain and checking out the London Coffee Festival which was fun! Photos to come.. :)

Today’s look though, was shot during a patch of sunshine yesterday when we were out exploring Greenwich. It feels like you’re in a village and it’s such a lovely part of the city, with lots to see – parks (how cutey is the little squirel!?), cafes, a market, the Cutty Sark ship, the Royal Planetarium, and lots of pretty buildings! Here’s another sweater+jeans combo (hope you’re not getting sick of those yet ;) ), spiced up a bit with the fluro pink and my leather snakeskin strappy heels! Let me know what you think..


Sweater, jeans: Zara / Heels: Modern Vintage / Sunglasses: Gucci / Necklace: Kurt Geiger / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: Wanderlust + Co

Time for me to sign out, but thanks so much for reading and see you guys again soon! :)

♥B xx


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  1. fashionablecollections says: April 29, 201211:05

    Gorgeous, per usual. I love the color of that sweater.


  2. JeannierRichard says: April 29, 201214:21

    First, I admire you for walking around in those step stilettos :-o
    Second, LOVE the fuchsia and turquoise color mix ;)
    AND third, the squirrel is so darn CUTE!!

  3. Tessa says: April 30, 201200:45

    Love your shoes. The whole look is great!

  4. Nikki | The Ginger Diaries says: April 30, 201200:47

    Greenwich was my favorite part of London! It’s so beautiful over there :) x

  5. KONANA says: April 30, 201222:52

    It looks so lovely, I’d love to visit Greenwich.

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