May, 2012 Monthly archive

Hey guys,

Posting a bit later in the day than usual, as we’re having internet problems. Amazing how much we rely on the internet now, as soon as it doesn’t work everything starts to fall into chaos! Haha.

Here are some photos we shot over the weekend, as we were browsing through the markets (again!). There is always so much yummy food around, it’s become our go-to place for lunches on the weekends. Yes, that’s a photo of a cookie-dough, choc chop cupcake below! YUM :D I had way more photos to show you guys, but I unfortunately I can’t upload them at the moment so will have to save them for tomorrow’s post..

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Street Art

Good morning beautiful people!

East London is a hub for creative types – artists, musicians, and designers – and it’s also home to some awesome graffiti art, including amazing pieces by Banksy. We were passing through Brick Lane on the weekend, and I wanted to snap some photos of the artwork there to share with you – aren’t they cool? They add a lot of fun and colour to the street – and make a great backdrop for outfit photos haha ;)

Hope you like it!

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Prancing in the park

Good morning lovely readers,

Did you have a good weekend? I think I definitely got a bit of a tan with all this amazing sun we’re having in London, am loving it! Here are some photos shot in the park last week, super casual & relaxed! Lots of photos from the weekend to come soon, so stay tuned ;)

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