Paris Photo Diary #2

My last blast of photos from Paris.. if you haven’t been before, it’s definitely worth a visit – you’ll need at least a week to take in all the amazing sites & museums!

Feeling refreshed & ready for work after a three day weekend tripping around London with my Dad :D

Happy Tuesday all!

B xx


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  1. Sarah says: August 28, 201215:43

    Great pics, Im gonna be there soon eeeeeeeeeeek!

    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:04

      EXCITING!! Hehe have a great trip :) x

  2. Eva says: August 29, 201200:28

    Lovely photos!! The macaron’s pic is very funny! Makes me hungry hahah

    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:03

      Haha – me too, when I look at it again! I think we ate nothing but macaroons that day.. mmmm :P xx

  3. Kiwifashionblog says: August 29, 201210:53

    Paris looks great!! I wish I get to go there one day! Btw what did you get in that goodie bag? :)

    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:03

      It’s all macaroons.. hehe ;) Hope you get a chance to visit – it’s such a beautiful place! x

  4. just me says: August 29, 201216:47

    amazing photos. reminds me my Paris trip two months ago. But you are more lucky than me to have this sunny weather :)

    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:02

      Aw yeah we were so lucky with the weather! Paris is stunning.. definitely need to go back soon :) xx

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