Chiswick chillin’

Morning folks!

Here are some photos we shot in Chiswick near the Thames, a peaceful little spot that I think is so pretty :)

Did you watch the Paralympic Opening Ceremony last night? I can’t wait for it to all get started – it’s been a bit dull since the Olympics finished haha.

Hope you have a lovely Thursday!

B xx

H&M sweater, bag / New Yorker skirt / Aldo booties / Celine sunglasses / Fashionology necklace, cross bracelet



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  1. Hanna says: August 30, 201215:49

    the sweater you’re wearing is gorgeous! :)

    xo, Hanna

    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:02

      Cheers Hanna! Cos is the best ;) xx

  2. Jordan says: August 30, 201217:25

    VERY attractive!

    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:01

      Thanks so much love <3

  3. This look could not be cuter!!! says: August 31, 201212:54
    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:00

      heheh thanks huny ;) x

  4. Giuli says: August 31, 201221:37
    • Bridg says: September 3, 201204:00

      Thanks babe :D xx

  5. Erika says: October 1, 201215:59

    Hey, I’ve been looking for those Celine sunnies for ages. Do you mind saying where you got them from? I’m from NZ too (and living here at the mo) so would prob have to get them online :) THANX!

    • Bridg says: October 4, 201203:43

      Hey Erika! Oh awesome – always good to know of fellow Kiwis ;) Yeah I’d been after the sunnies for ages too – after searching a while I eventually put my name down at Selfridges for when a new order came in, I think they get them in reasonably regularly so you could try that too? Hope you can find them! :) x

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