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One of the best things about fall are the flood of cosy knits arriving in every store – and this one from Mango is quickly becoming a favourite. The only thing with this ‘inbetween’ season is working out  just how much to wrap up – cool enough for a beanie? But warm enough for peep-toe heels? Yes, this is a bit of a confused look but I like it. Hope you do too! :)

B xx

I was wearing: Mango knit / Zara trousers, heels / Celine sunglasses / Fashionology necklace / Michael Kors watch / JeannieRichard infinity bracelet


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  1. PICK ME AN OUTFIT says: October 17, 201218:09

    I’ve seen those jeans a lot, but I still like them so much!!
    Great combo with the sweater!


  2. ewa says: October 18, 201205:29

    beautiful pics, beautiful girl! xoxo

    • Bridg says: October 24, 201203:53

      Thank you so much! :) x

  3. Cristine Arroyo says: October 18, 201209:20


  4. V says: October 19, 201212:31

    I do love the cozy knits that are arriving in stores! Love the pieces in this outfit, the knit is very pretty and love the pants are awesome!!
    I’m having a Fall bootie giveaway I think you’ll love, pass by and check it out if you like!


    • Bridg says: October 24, 201203:52

      Thanks V – and say no more, I’m all over that giveaway haha ;)

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