Flamingo Fun

How cute is this sweater! I found it in a tiny store off Brick Lane, and thought the print was just too fun to not take home with me.. ;)

B xx

I was wearing: Zara jacket, jeans / Flamingo sweater found on Brick Lane (cute on here) / Longchamp bag


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  1. PICK ME AN OUTFIT says: October 26, 201200:44

    Those flamingos are too cute!


    • Bridg says: November 6, 201200:06

      I know, right!? Had to be mine, as soon as I saw it haha :) x

  2. Iliyana says: October 26, 201217:43
    • Bridg says: November 6, 201200:06

      Hehe thank you darling! xx

  3. Sweet Perdition says: October 26, 201219:19

    un jersey precioso!

    New post on my blog

    • Bridg says: November 6, 201200:05

      Thank you dear! :) x

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