Lo & Sons Christmas giveaway!

 The O.M.G. and the O.G.

I have some exciting news to start off your Friday – and just in time for Christmas: my wonderful and talented friends behind Lo & Sons are teaming up with Pho & Chips to give away one of their gorgeous travel bags! Beautiful design, superb quality, plus all the pockets and features you need, combine to make it the perfect travel bag.

While they currently only ship to the US, Lo & Sons are making an exception for us – readers in the UK will also be able to participate. So if you’re in the US or the UK (or perhaps know someone who is, to send as a Christmas gift), make sure to enter!

The contest rules are simply as follows: ‘like’ their Facebook page here and Pho & Chips here. Then leave a comment below with your Facebook name. The contest will run for a week with the winner announced here and on Facebook on Friday 21st Dec. The lucky winner will be able to chose any bag and colour they like!

Good luck – and happy Friday :)

B xx

Packing my own plum ‘O.G.’ bag last weekend

A pocket for everything you need!

The Melrose

The Savoy

The Claremont

Second image via PhoandChips

All other images via Lo & Sons

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  1. Natasha Khamudisova says: December 14, 201220:35

    I am in serious need of a “travel companion”. With business trips almost every couple of months, this is something I can’t and shouldn’t live without. I was thinking about a backpack, however these bags look super smart and would go with everything. And the names are fun!

  2. despoina batsomitrou says: December 14, 201221:11

    Fb:despoina batsomitrou

  3. Elle says: December 15, 201200:01

    LIKED & LIKED. FB name: Elle Choi
    I love!! I must win this bag! :)

    Super cute blog by the way– come share the love on mine! xo<3

  4. Keilla Mata says: December 15, 201200:17

    FB Name: Keilla Mata

    This bags are awesome especially for college students :)

  5. Nathalie Ng says: December 15, 201200:18

    They look amazing!! I really really want one :)

  6. Brianna Wagenbrenner says: December 15, 201201:11

    Thanks for doing the contest. Love these bags!!!
    Facebook name: Brianna Wagenbrenner
    Finger crossed to be picked! :)

  7. sylvia says: December 15, 201201:11

    : ) sylvia lee chung – would love to have the OG!

  8. Lisa M. says: December 15, 201201:16

    I love their bags. thanks for the great giveaway. My FB name is Lisa Murie

  9. Nicole says: December 15, 201201:16

    Wow, what a great bag! I would totally love this, good luck everyone!! :)

  10. Jazmine Allen says: December 15, 201201:18


    LOVE these bags!

  11. Heather M. says: December 15, 201201:41

    liked and like! {Heather Moore} love the OMG in black with the gold hardware – would be perfect for my upcoming holiday trips :) fingers crossed!

  12. Daniela Briceno says: December 15, 201204:11

    Facebook name: Daniela Briceno

    Awesome giveaway!! love their bags

  13. Lianne says: December 15, 201204:23

    I’ve been admiring these bags for sometime now! The OG or OMG would make a great work bag! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! My fb name: Lianne Torok.

  14. Tee says: December 15, 201204:26

    Brigid – that TT would be my signature tote for the constant Friday commute to the UK from Amsterdam – love the additional features that make it perfect for travelling with a carry-on suitcase. FB name – Tee Twyford

  15. Allie Berger says: December 15, 201204:46

    Facebook Name: Allie Berger

    I have been drooling over these bags! (great job snagging the plum). Thank you for posting the contest!

  16. Kimberly Lao says: December 15, 201206:22

    FB name: Kimberly Lao

    Cute bag!

  17. kathleen hooper says: December 15, 201206:34

    What amazing bags. I have liked both facebook pages (kathleen hooper)

  18. Justine Wang says: December 15, 201206:46

    Lo & Sons bags are definitely on my wishlist! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Lacey Brown says: December 15, 201211:11
  20. Lacey Brown says: December 15, 201211:13

    FB: brownlace / Lacey Brown

  21. Kate says: December 15, 201213:19

    FB: Kate Chang (@chang.kate)

    Just in time for winter travels! These bags look PERFECT!

  22. Kimberly R. says: December 15, 201219:34

    fb name- Kimberly Rampersad

    I’m obsessed about their bags.

  23. Claudia Cavallaro says: December 15, 201220:35

    I am in need of a new travel bag as my other gorgeous one is worn out, my facebook name is: Claudia Cav

  24. Eva says: December 16, 201203:03

    I really need this bag! Thanks:)
    FB: Eva N. Bacigál

  25. FB name: Jordy Tuazon says: December 16, 201211:12
  26. Rose says: December 16, 201219:25

    so so cool! I love your plumb one :)

    Facebook name: Rose Canham

    Rose xo

  27. Lucia says: December 16, 201222:32

    Liked both :) Lucia Yin

  28. Janie (AngelQueen) says: December 17, 201200:29

    Beautiful Bags, very nice giveaway.



  29. Gabbi says: December 17, 201200:55

    Great giveaway – thanks! My Facebook name is: Gabbi Baker

  30. Melisa says: December 17, 201203:26

    Facebook name is Melisa Augusto. I’d LOVE to have an OG!

  31. Melanie says: December 17, 201203:39

    OMGoodness… I have needed/WANTED one of these bags for a long time! Thank you kindly for the chance. My Canon is currently wrapped up in a super ugly Christmas sweater in my purse! Loved you both on fb!!


  32. Schmidty says: December 17, 201206:47

    Oooh ….thank you! I am Rust Hawk on facebook and follow you both.

  33. Kasia says: December 17, 201218:33

    I’d love to win! :)

    FB name: Kasia Gocka

  34. Noor W says: December 17, 201221:33

    Wowwww, I’ve done all of this because I really loooooove the bags! :o

  35. Cindy Aiton says: December 17, 201222:49

    I ‘like’ Lo & Sons and Pho & Chips on Facebook. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.

  36. Lindsay says: December 18, 201200:26

    I am obsessed with their bags. Currently lusting over the OG for my honeymoon in Europe. Thanks!

    FB: Lindsay McNamara

  37. Elena Vo says: December 18, 201211:29

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! And I like the zebra print, teal and magenta together in your O.M.G. bag :)

  38. L.E.N says: December 18, 201218:02


  39. Reme says: December 18, 201219:53

    My facebook name is Reme Diaz and I have fallen in love with the O.M.G. bag <3

  40. Hailee McBurney says: December 18, 201221:46

    Hailee McBurney

  41. hazel rigazio says: December 18, 201222:47
  42. hazel rigazio says: December 18, 201222:50

    completed all steps and invited all my friends to do the same hope that is okay.I have just started studying photography so would love to win the amazing bag.

  43. meredith says: December 20, 201211:02

    what an awesome giveaway -fingers crossed!!!- meredith montgomery

  44. Pat says: December 20, 201220:28

    I like both facebook pages

    Pat Joseph

  45. Lies Vandamme says: December 20, 201221:21

    This bag looks amazing! I really need a new travelbag and it’s also handy to go to school with!
    Love your blog btw.

  46. Love love Love the bags!! says: December 21, 201211:19
  47. Helen says: January 9, 201321:34

    Ooooh, those bags are amazing, I want one! So handy

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)




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