January, 2013 Monthly archive
The snow hat


Winter woolies are the only way to survive the cold, as my stockpile of sweaters, beanies, and scarves can attest to! I love this hat I found at Mountain Warehouse of all places – it will definitely be joining me on the slopes in a couple of months.

But for now, I’m happy to say I’m writing this post from hot and sunny Thailand! Just arrived, and swapping my sweaters for swimwear feels like a real treat – one I’ll be savoring for the next few days :D

You can check out my photos from Thailand via Instagram :) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

B xx

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A little leopard


Leopard print booties are not the most practical footwear for snow.. but look how pretty! haha. You can find them here.

Sadly the snow has now just about all melted away.. but just as well – I don’t want any delays at Heathrow this week, as I’m soon off to Thailand! :) Can’t wait for a few days of beach, jungle, and hot weather.

B xx

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Snowy Days


For those more used to it, snow might be routine – a given. But for me, it’s still one of the most exciting and magical aspects of winter. It dampens noise giving the city a muted, peaceful feel, and the snow-covered trees, pavements and buildings look so pretty! As soon as we woke up and saw the snow, we piled on the waterproof clothing and went out to play :)

Hope you had a good weekend, and have a great start to the week today!

B xx

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