LFW Day 2


Day 2 of LFW was even better than Day 1.. the highlight of which was seeing all the amazing photographers and bloggers I admire in action. Meeting Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) completely made my day – not to mention seeing Tommy Ton (JaknJil, Style.com) and Caroline from CarolinesMode at work, and catching a glimpse of the stunning Cara Delevinge strolling in to Somerset House!

I hope the photos give you an idea of the LFW madness – enjoy! :)

B xx

IMG_8078IMG_8090IMG_8064IMG_8066IMG_8069IMG_8098IMG_8123IMG_8072 IMG_8076IMG_8084

IMG_8096 IMG_8097IMG_8120IMG_8125 IMG_8131

IMG_8132IMG_8119IMG_8133IMG_8141 IMG_8143 IMG_8122IMG_8118IMG_8144IMG_8150 IMG_8152IMG_8112

Cos coat / Karen Walker sleeveless shirt / Uniqlo printed jeans / Zara boots

Bracher Emden x Bibhu Mohaparta bag / Topshop beanie / Jeannie Richard colour block earrings, rings/ Michael Kors watch


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  1. Sydney Francisco says: February 19, 201318:04

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! and wow you met Scott! That’s awesome! Thank you for the share!


    • Bridg says: February 24, 201303:22

      Hehe yeah totally made my day! Thanks for the kind words, and glad you enjoyed the post! :) x

  2. Cassandra says: February 19, 201319:08

    Super style ! It seems to be a big event, tank you for sharing with us the atmosphere.
    Des bisous !!

    • Bridg says: February 24, 201303:21

      Aw so glad you liked it – thanks lovely! :) x

  3. Eat.Style.Play says: February 19, 201323:44

    wow this is great coverage of LFW!! I loeve that woman in the all whites outfit.

    • Bridg says: February 24, 201303:21

      Thanks so much :) x

  4. rocknrollerr says: February 20, 201301:17

    That looks so lovely! I would love to go to london fashion week some day!

    X Jenny

    • Bridg says: February 24, 201303:20

      Yes you totally should! hehe ;)

  5. Nesrin says: February 20, 201303:05

    Wow, beautiful photos! You made some gorgeous photos.



  6. Nesrin says: February 20, 201303:06

    Wow, you made some amazing photos!



    • Bridg says: February 24, 201303:20

      Thank you dear, that’s so sweet :)

  7. Sarah says: February 20, 201308:16

    Looks amazing! Gosh scott is short lol x

  8. Elodie Gioia says: February 21, 201317:12

    Really like your style !!!

    • Bridg says: February 24, 201303:19

      Thank you, lovely! x

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