I find myself steering more and more towards monochrome outfits.. and I’m not sure why, as I definitely do really love colour! Perhaps monochrome is just easier – particularly when running late and without time to think what to wear, as I typically am.. :S

That’s why this jacket from Joules clothing was the perfect solution! It’s so beautifully made – a classically British quilted coat, but with a cheerful, bright print inside. I love it! And it’s on sale right now too.. double yessss ;)

Although it’s supposedly summer, I’m already getting so much use out of it – it’s the perfect ‘British summer’ jacket! hehe

B xx

IMG_1842IMG_1843 IMG_1841IMG_1853IMG_1857


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  1. Tessa says: June 20, 201308:50

    I like the inside of your jacket, it’s really cheerful!

    • Bridg says: June 26, 201300:20

      Thanks Tessa – I couldn’t agree more! It always makes me grin, feeling like I’ve got a bright, colourful garden inside my jacket waiting to burst out! :) x

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