A friend mentioned the Kurt Geiger sale one day, and the next minute I suddenly found myself in the store trying on a variety of black boots… how did that happen? :D But I’m happy to say that after 4 winters of unsuccessful searching for the simple, flat, knee-high, unembellished, quality made, and affordable black boots I’d been looking for – I found these! I’ve been practically living in them ever since… :)

B xx


H&M coat (cool ones here and here) / Mango zebra sweater (similar here, on sale!) / Zara jeans (love these)

Kurt Geiger boots / Celine sunglasses


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  1. claudia says: December 13, 201310:34

    Lovely outfit, have that same jumper!

    • Bridg says: December 13, 201311:05

      Thanks Claudia – great minds! ;)

  2. Cassandra says: December 13, 201313:49

    SO great outfit !! You look amazing !

    • Bridg says: December 13, 201314:01

      Thanks Cassandra! :D x

  3. Hadrien says: December 13, 201314:06

    Awesome Outfit
    Just loved! So so cool
    You done a great job
    love those pics

    • Bridg says: December 13, 201315:41

      Hey thanks Hadrien, that’s very kind of you! :) x

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