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trousers vs pants


Isn’t it funny how native English speakers often can’t understand one another. For example, in New Zealand we say ‘pants’, while here in the UK they say ‘trousers’ – and think I’m referring to my underwear when I talk about my ‘pants’… it’s led to some very interesting misunderstandings haha.

And on that note, happy weekend everyone! ;)

B x

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Just maybe


These heels just might be the best pumps I’ve ever bought. The silhouette, the stripes, the height, both office and party appropriate – exactly what I like in a good pair of heels! I know you’ve seen them before, but I can’t help it.. they deserve another showcase ;)

Am posting this from Essex where I’m enjoying a weekend away from the city, and spending time in the countryside – bliss!

Hope you’re having a great weekend :)

B xx

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Positive Attitude


Although it’s been cold and grey, I’m staying positive that winter hasn’t got much longer to go and spring is just around the corner.. right? :)

I’ve been obsessing over the amazing shows coming out of NYFW. What’s been your favourite so far? Can’t wait for the action to move to London this Friday!

B xx

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