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Les boots


I’ve found them – the boots I’m going to be living in this fall, from non-other than trusty H&M. Knee-high, heeled, comfortable, and perfect for this ‘inbetween’ weather. Stoked!

Fridays always make me happy. London’s looking pretty in the evening sun, and I’m off to start this two day weekend! Hope you’ve got something exciting planned ;) Have a good night!

B xx

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I’m not gonna lie, this week has been so hard.. why didn’t anyone say I’d need a whole week to recover from Glastonbury!? haha.

Trackies & singlet (tank) are a definite yes for me when it comes to those lazy, slouching-around-the-house days – I can’t fight my inner Kiwi-ness that loves comfort over fashion sometimes. But in the interests of putting together something a little more exciting to share with you guys, enter these ankle booties and kick-ass clutch from Bracher Emden and taa-daa: athletic-chic! :)

B xx

p.s. Only one more day until weekend!! :D

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clutching it


Woww I survived Glastonbury! It was incredible… but more on that later :P

Here is a new post at last – and it’s time to bring the printed pants back into the summer cycle. This clutch is the latest Bracher Emden beauty to join me  - what do you think? :)

B x

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