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Positive Attitude


Although it’s been cold and grey, I’m staying positive that winter hasn’t got much longer to go and spring is just around the corner.. right? :)

I’ve been obsessing over the amazing shows coming out of NYFW. What’s been your favourite so far? Can’t wait for the action to move to London this Friday!

B xx

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A ’70s vibe

Happy Hump Day lovely readers!

Here is today’s Look. I love how these photos were edited to create a slight 70s vibe – what do you guys think? This skirt is one of my favs, it feels so elegant and ladylike fluttering behind me in the wind. We had fun taking the photos in front of this wall to add a pop of colour, yellow is always so cheerful to me!

Well, this was my last day of the holidays and I’m setting my alarm for work again tomorrow. At least there are only two days until the weekend!

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Sequin-pocket tee

Happy Thursday all :)  Today was one of those funny days where the weather wasn’t sure whether it wanted to give us sunshine or rain! Dodging in and out of bright burning sunshine and sudden bursts of rain, I had a lovely day catching up with some of my dear friends :) Here are a few pics of my outfit, where I paired a patterned skirt with my sequin-pocket tee from Stradivarius (see link below). I love this tee… the material is so comfy, and the pocket detail is so cute!

I love being surrounded by plants and flowers again – aren’t the colours just so beautiful and vivid? What do you prefer, green suburbia or concrete urban jungle?  :)

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