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off the shoulder


Monday morning blues.. what’s that? It’s semi-sunny in London, and that’s enough to make me feel cheerful about the start of a new week ;)

Loving that it’s also still warm enough to take this off-the-shoulder cami from ASOS out to play… Coat weather – take your time to arrive, please!

B xx

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trousers vs pants


Isn’t it funny how native English speakers often can’t understand one another. For example, in New Zealand we say ‘pants’, while here in the UK they say ‘trousers’ – and think I’m referring to my underwear when I talk about my ‘pants’… it’s led to some very interesting misunderstandings haha.

And on that note, happy weekend everyone! ;)

B x

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Lacy lucy


As much as I’m trying to deny it, I can definitely feel the weather shifting away from summer.. and I’m so not ready yet!!

I do admit however that transitional dressing is one of my favs. It’s a chance to start layering summer pieces – like this pretty lace skirt from BaBaSSu - with those sweaters & boots that have been tucked away for the last few months.

Happy hump day – hope you’re enjoying some sunshine!

B xx

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