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festive season


The lights are out in London, sparkling everywhere (and it’s just as well, as it’s now dark by about 4pm!), Christmas sweaters are in every shop window, and I’m getting a strong craving for mulled wine and mince pies…

Some may think it’s too early, but I’m happily getting into the swing of things – hence this fluffy snowflake sweater! Christmas sweaters are a bit of a tradition in this part of the world – and as they say, ‘when in Rome’… ;)

B xx

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Autumn sunshine


It won’t be long until we’re too rugged up and cold to want to go outside – but for now, a light coat & cosy scarf is all that’s needed in for this pretty sunshine!

B xx

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Can’t believe what a beautiful day yesterday was! Nothing better on a sunny Sunday than strolling around in comfy sweaters & sneakers.. right? :)

Dear London Weather Controller, please let us have these blue skies again soon?

B xx

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