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Guten tag from Cologne!


As I write this I’ve just arrived in Cologne, Germany for the weekend! Can’t wait to check out the Christmas markets and sample the local beer, currywurst, and pork knuckle… If you’ve been before and have any tips, let me know! :) I’m updating my Instagram when I can, so make sure to follow me there for updates .

This H&M coat is the latest in my collection, and it’s almost a daily uniform – so warm & cosy, and the perfect length. What do you think?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

B xx

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Beanies are slowly creeping back into my wardrobe.. This super soft grey one is from ANW (And Now Wee), a boutique store that’s just opened in Shoreditch – one of my favourite shopping haunts. Combined with the softest tshirt and burgundy jeans (my fav fall colour) – this is what you’ll find me in most weekends :) Gotta love fall!

B xx

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Hello, sunshine


Enjoying that delicious fall sunshine between rain showers… it’s not long now til we’ll all be layered up, comparing the merits of cashmere, wool, and angora at keeping out the winter chill!

Happy Tuesday ;)

B xx

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