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Moving, moving…


Hello wet & blustery 2014… Long time, no post!!

The reason is simple… I’ve decided to create a new platform for the next stage of my blogging career: Calibrated Chronicles.

This decision is a reflection of the fact that while fashion is still a huge interest of mine, I want somewhere I can share my other passions in life too  - food, travel, photography, and of course, life in London! After three years blogging with my beloved Pho & Chips, I’m reluctant to part with it – but hope that you will enjoy and support my new platform just as much as you have this platform. It’s a much more simplistic formula, with fewer images per post – but more frequent posts.

You can follow my new blog on Bloglovin’ here, Tumblr here, and of course I’m continuing to post via Instagram and Pose as always! :)

Thank you so much for your support over the years – which has made blogging so much fun for me! I would love to hear your feedback on the new platform, so please pop over and leave me a comment ;)

Look forward to seeing you soon on Calibrated Chronicles!

B xx



Cashmere Crush sweater / H&M Jeans / Jessica Simpson boots / Mozaik tote


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Gosh London feels so warm after Cologne! We arrived in Germany just in time for a bit of snowfall, and had to be rugged up the whole time – thermals, boots, gloves, scarves & hats, the works! Coming back to a vaguely sunny London feels almost tropical by comparison, haha. Well, at least arguably warm enough to tryout this trench I found on sale… :D

The start of a new week, and can you believe there are just over two weeks left until Christmas?!

Happy Monday :)

B xx

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festive season


The lights are out in London, sparkling everywhere (and it’s just as well, as it’s now dark by about 4pm!), Christmas sweaters are in every shop window, and I’m getting a strong craving for mulled wine and mince pies…

Some may think it’s too early, but I’m happily getting into the swing of things – hence this fluffy snowflake sweater! Christmas sweaters are a bit of a tradition in this part of the world – and as they say, ‘when in Rome’… ;)

B xx

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