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Weekend bliss…


Sunshine on the weekends, what could be better?

And it’s the first of December! Can you believe it… this year has just flown by so fast. Very grateful that temperatures haven’t plummeted too severely yet – a day rocking polka dot stockings is always a good day hehe ;)

Anyway, time to get those Christmas decorations out again – then curl up with a hot chocolate & movie!

Happy Sunday :)

B xx

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Lacy lucy


As much as I’m trying to deny it, I can definitely feel the weather shifting away from summer.. and I’m so not ready yet!!

I do admit however that transitional dressing is one of my favs. It’s a chance to start layering summer pieces – like this pretty lace skirt from BaBaSSu - with those sweaters & boots that have been tucked away for the last few months.

Happy hump day – hope you’re enjoying some sunshine!

B xx

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ready for the beach


I keep dressing like I’m going to the beach… which I soon will be! I’m heading to Croatia soon for some sun and sand, and can’t wait. I guess that’s starting to show in my outfits.. haha :)

I know white sandals seems a bit of a risk in a big concrete city like London. What can I say, I don’t always make the most practical decisions.. I was simply sold on their stark, summery whiteness and that hugely comfy layer of sponge haha.

Happy Hump Day to you all!

B xx

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