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sunny days


Loving London winter so far.. if sunshine is what we can expect, bring it on I say ;)

Happy weekend!

B xx

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pink + lace


A little pink and lace to soften my favoured mix of black boots, leather jacket, and dark jeans – plus a cheerful pop of colour to start off a new week!

London was so beautiful yesterday – bright and sunny, and almost 20C! What’s going on? It is October, right?! Loving it… perhaps it’s a sign of a mild and short winter to come? Here’s hoping! ;)

Happy Monday!

B xx

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London Walkabout

IMG_9790 copy

When the sun shines in London, the place comes alive. And here’s a little tip for anyone who’s planning on visiting London at some point – the city is much more walkable than you might imagine, and it is definitely the best way to see everything! With the sun beating down – and my incredibly comfortable Zara slip-ons ready to go – we decided to go out for the day and walked everywhere. From Shoreditch through The City to St Paul’s, across the Millenium Bridge to the Tate Modern to check out the incredible Lichtenstein retrospective exhibition, along the river front to Borough Market to grab some Monmouth coffee & food, continuing through to the Tower of London, then back across the river and up to east London again.  It was lovely to be outside in the fresh air & sunshine again – I am so ready for it to be summer!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too ;)

B xx

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